Karaoke (service discontinued)

Together we use (due to repeated damage, we no longer issue discs to strangers!)

  • The songs are listed in alphabetical order in the directory so you can quickly find the songs you want.
  • All karaoke folders are wrapped to last longer.
  • Fill out the order sheet, where you write your name so we can call the "artist" on time.
  • Also mark the order page with the name of the disc in the catalog and the track number so that the latter can be found quickly.
  • In 2002, Masters Grupp OÜ signed a contract for the use of audio-visual material no. 014, which gives us the right to use karaoke material produced by Lefkan OÜ for public events.
  • The discs are playable on PC, karaoke DVDs and regular DVD players.
  • You can see videos or still images in the background, with clear text at the bottom or at the top, colored in sync with the singing text.
  • Two DVD players in the kit allow you to search for the next track beforehand. Many foreign karaoke discs initially include ads that cannot be rewinded, which can result in more than half a minute between two tracks. If you do not have a dedicated song search person, you do not need another DVD player. Using two DVD players and more microphones requires a mixing console (after all, all devices have to be connected in order to match and mix their sound).