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Lease Agreement - Discounts

When asking for an offer, please indicate:
  • Date(s)? - We reserve the stage equipment you may need.
  • The location? - Even if the transport and installation of the equipment is not by us.
  • Contacts (first and last name, phone number, e-mail)? - We will do a background check so that we can contact you as well.
  • Start and end times? - We plan both transport and support staff, because we have other events to serve as well.
  • Population or size of area? - We assemble stage equipment with the right quantity and capacity for you..
  • Accessibility? - Parking? Which floor? Lift? Time limits?
  • The nature of the event? - Live Concert. Disco. Competitions. Dance Show. Fairs. Wedding?
  • Indoors or outdoors? - Is the performer and equipment outdoors under the roof to protect them from both sun and rain??
  • Electricity? - How far? Is there also an industrial current (16A, 32A)? Calculator
  • Props? - To whom do we bill for the service?


  • Please place an order in writing by email, this will avoid later bypassing. Then we check the stock and make an offer.
  • If the information provided by you is incomplete (full name, phone number), we are not obliged to prepare an offer or provide the service.
  • After sending the offer to you, we will wait for your confirmation within 7 days (no order will be accepted without a response).
  • If we have not responded to your letter within 2 working days (spam, technical failure, etc.), please call back because the request has not been processed.


Rental and contract
  • Of the lessee and the lessor shall be concluded between the lease with the property transfer-acceptance act.
  • Acceptable documents in are: a valid Estonian passport, driver's license and ID card.
  • Renters and signatories must be adults age.
  • The equipment must be returned the next day before 13:00, after which the new day's rent will apply.
  • If you want to pick up the technique itself, please arrange with pre-agreed time, because we are not always in stock.
  • If the cloth bags or wires are dirty or broken during return, you will be charged for cleaning and / or repairing the broken product.
  • If the customer has incurred a debt, we will not issue the equipment to the customer before the debt is liquidated.
  • The customer ensures the safety of our employees and equipment, access to the equipment and the necessary permits (parking, etc.).



For Partners apply the following benefits of hiring (depends on the frequency): 

  • once a year: -10%
  • quarterly: -15%
  • once a month: -20%
  • once a week: -25% 

Multi-day (in series) events bonus: 

  • 2 days: -15%
  • 3 days: -20%
  • 4 days: -25%
  • 5 days: -30%
  • 6 days: -35%
  • 7 days: -40%


  • On weekdays (Mon., Tue., Wed.) we offer a bigger discount. Ask for a personal offer.
  • Stationary and prolonged lease period is remunerated only Fridays and Saturdays. The remaining days of the rental equipment for free!
  • Discounts do not apply to services (cargo, equipment installation, technician, performer) do not apply to the Midsummer Day and New Year's Eve.
  • If the fees are not received within the agreed time, the percentage of the discount will be reset.
  • If there are no leases or purchases during the year, the loyal customer status will be revoked.


  • The deadline for companies to pay for the service is 7 days, in the public sector with an e-invoice 21 days, from the issuance of the invoice.
  • Private customers and cash settlement will take place prior of to the transfer or equipment installation.
  • If necessary, we will ask for full or partial prepayment.
  • We demand interest on arrears of 0.2% per day for amounts not paid on time.
  • Customers who are overdue for over 2 weeks, we will add the web, and two months later, we will provide them to the court, collections and over.