Other effects

Eurolite LED CAT-80 Beam Effect wh

1*80W COB LED, 3,12kg - Olemas näidistoode

Sales price: 346,45 €

Eurolite LED CAT-80 Beam Effect

1*80W COB LED, 3,08kg

Sales price: 314,35 €

Eurolite LED B-40 Laser Beam WH

5*8W RGBW LED, RG Laser, 4,3kg - Sample product available

Sales price: 302,47 €

Eurolite LED B-40 HCL Beam Effect MK2

5*10W RGBWA/UV LED, 4,22kg

Sales price: 261,81 €

Eurolite LED D-2000 Beam Effect

Discount up to 31.03.2024 - 5*10W RGBWA LED, 2,7kg - Sample ...

Sales price: 172,72 €
Base price with tax: 183,74 €