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Futurelight PRO Slim PAR-7 Hypno HCL

Futurelight PRO Slim PAR-7 Hypno HCL
Tootja Futurelight

7*8W HCL RGBAW+UV LED +144*SMD 20°
Müügihind263,19 €


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Power supply: 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 80 W
IP classification: IP20
Protection class: Class I
Power connection: Mains input P-Con (blue), mounting version power supply cord with safety plug (provided)
Power output: 1 x P-Con (gray), mounting version
Lamp type: LED lamp
LED: 144 x SMD 3in1 TCL RGB (homogenous color mix)
7 x high-power 8 W 6in1 HCL RGBWA/UV (homogenous color mix)
DMX channels: 11; 16; 28
DMX input: 1 x 3-pin XLR (M) mounting version
DMX output: 1 x 3-pin XLR (F) mounting version
Cooling: Passive convection
Control: DMX; Sound to light via Microphone; LED PC-Control 512; Light Captain
Beam angle: 20°
Beam angle (1/2 peak): 20°
Beam angle (1/10 peak): 34°
Housing color: Black
Dimensions: Width: 28,7 cm
Depth: 12,6 cm
Height: 30 cm
Weight: 5 kg
Noise classification: Class 0 (no noise at all)
Legal specifications
Special product: Not designed for household room illumination
Intended use: Show effect lighting


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