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Pildi info

Kasutusjuhend ja tehnilised parameetrid

via charger (100-240 V, 50/60 Hz)
Battery pack type: Li-ion 11.1 V, 5200 mAh (57.72 Wh)
Battery operation: depending on program used up to 16 hours
Recharging time: 4 hours
Battery remote control: CR2032 button cell 3 V
DMX channels: 3/4/6/8/10
Sound-control: via built-in microphone
Wireless signal transmission: 2.4 GHz (ISM), 126 channels
LED type: 8 W RGBW (4in1)
LED number: 3
Beam angle: 12°
Dimensions (L x W x H): 168 x 138 x 62 mm
Ecodesign regulation: Yes
Special product: Not designed for household room illumination
Purpose: Show effect lighting
IP classification: IP20
Weight: 1,62 kg
Cooling fan: No, cooling by convection
Beam angle: 12°
Height: 6,2 cm
Depth: 13,8 cm
Width: 16,8 cm
Power supply: 110-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
12,6 V DC 2,5 A
DMX channels: 3; 4; 6; 8; 10
Power connection: Battery/battery pack
  Mains input Coaxial power connector (M) Power supply cord with Euro plug (M)
LED: 3 x high-power 8 W 4in1 QCL RGBW (homogenous color mix)
Device Battery pack type: 1 x Lithium ion 11,1 V, 5200 mAh, 57,72 Wh
Accumulator: battery operation up to 16h depending on program used
recharging time 4h
Remote control Battery: 1 x Button cell 3.0 V CR2032 lithium manganese built-in