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  • Unfortunately, the delivery time for Pioneer Pro DJ products is currently longer, 3-6 months.
  • QSC, JBL, Shure products may also have longer delivery times. Please ask.
  • Antari, Eurolite, Futurelight, Laserworld devices still available in 14-21 days.


6*4W RGBW 17° 58,5cm

Sales price: 84,78 €

Eurolite LED BAR-12 QCL RGBW Bar

12*4W RGBW 17° 109cm

Sales price: 141,89 €

Eurolite LED CBB-4 COB RGB Bar

4*15W RGB COB 39° 46cm

Sales price: 174,89 €

Eurolite LED CBB-6 COB RGB Bar

6*30W RGB COB 38° 68,5cm (Ale kuni 30.06.2022)

Sales price: 257,90 €
Base price with tax: 286,55 €

Eurolite LED PIX-6 HCL Bar

6*10W HCL RGBAWUV 24° 44cm

Sales price: 180,11 €

Eurolite LED PIX-12 HCL Bar

12*10W HCL RGBAW+UV 20° 100cm

Sales price: 260,48 €

Futurelight POS-8 LED HCL

8*10W RGBAW+UV LED 22° 55,5cm

Sales price: 424,46 €
Base price with tax: 446,80 €