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The Lease Contract / Discounts

If you would like to receive an offer, please indicate:
  • Date(s)? - We reserve the stage equipment you need.
  • The nature of the event? - Concert. Disco. Speeches. Dance Show. Deco&Design?
  • Population or size of area? - We will supply stage equipment with the right amount and capacity for your event.
  • Start and end times? - We plan both transportation and auxiliary work because we have other jobs to do as well.
  • The location? - Even if the transportation, installation and dismantling of the equipments is not on our side.
  • Contacts (Name, Phone, e-Mail)? - So that we can make a background check and contact you if necessary.
  • Indoors or outdoors? - You need a podium, tent or stage? Is the performer and equipment protected by a rooftop?
  • Electricity? - How far away and which interface (16A, 32A)? Calculator
  • Props? - Who writes under the asset transfer and the adoption of the act and provided with the billing?


  • Please place an order in writing by e-mail, this will avoid later bypassing. Then we check the stock and make an offer.
  • After sending offer, we will wait for your confirmation (no order will be accepted without a response).
  • If the information you provide is incorrect or incomplete (given name, surname, telephone number), we are not obliged to prepare an offer or provide a service.
  • If we have not responded to your letter within 2 working days (spam, technical failure, etc.), please call back as the request has not been completed.
  • Rental equipment is not allowed to be subleased.
  • Without prior reservation we will not release the equipment.
  • We are not dealing with single product rentals.


Rental and contract:
  • The customer ensures the safety of our employees and equipment, access to the equipment and the necessary permits (parking, etc.).
  • Of the lessee and the lessor shall be concluded between the lease with the property transfer-acceptance act.
  • Acceptable documents in are: a valid Estonian passport, driver's license and ID card.
  • Renters and signatories must be adults age.
  • Equipment must be returned before 13:00 the next day (except Sunday), after which applies the new daily rental fee.
  • If you want to pick up the technique itself, please arrange with pre-agreed time, because we are not always in stock.


  • Companies have 7 or 14 days to pay for the service, and 21 days to the public sector via e-invoice, from the date the invoice is issued.
  • Private customers and cash settlement will take place prior of to the transfer or equipment installation.
  • If necessary, we will ask for full or partial prepayment.
  • Arrears left on the amount we require a 0.5% interest per day.
  • Customers who are overdue for over 2 weeks, we will add the web, and two months later, we will provide them to the court, collections and over.


Discounts & Bonus:

For Partners apply the following benefits of hiring (depends on the frequency):

  • once every year: -10%
  • once every quarter: -15%
  • once every month: -20%
  • once every week: -25% 

Multi-day (in series) events bonus:

  • 2 days: -15%
  • 3 days: -20%
  • 4 days: -25%
  • 5 days: -30%
  • 6 days: -35%
  • week: -40%
  • Stationary and prolonged lease period is remunerated only Fridays and Saturdays. The remaining days of the rental equipment for free!
  • Discounts do not apply to services (cargo, equipment installation, technician, performer) do not apply to the Midsummer Day and New Year's Eve.
  • If the fees are not received within the agreed time, the percentage of the discount will be reset.
  • If there are no leases or purchases during the year, the loyal customer status will be revoked.