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Eurolite LED Super Strobe ABL

216*SMD LED, 144*SMD RGB LED, 130W 3,94kg

Sales price: 177,50 €

Eurolite LED FLD-1508 UV Panel

15*8W UV LED, IR (Ale kuni 30.09.2019)

Sales price: 220,28 €

Eurolite LED Penta FX Hybrid Laser Effect

2*laser(R,G), 84*0,75W RGBA LED, 12*white 0,5W Strobe, ...

Sales price: 188,84 €

Eurolite LED FE-2000 Hybrid Laser Flower

2*laser(R,G), 8*3W LED (R,G,B,A,W), 8*2W Strobe/UV, 4,6kg

Sales price: 207,22 €

Eurolite LED MFX-7 Action Ball

12*15W LED, RGBW, 5kg

Sales price: 547,70 €

Eurolite LED MFX-7 Ball

9*15W LED, RGBW, 2,5kg

Sales price: 335,51 €

Eurolite LED Mini MFX-4 Beam Effect

9*10W QCL, RGBW, 90°, 4,8 kg

Sales price: 271,87 €

Eurolite LED MFX-5 Beam Effect

5*10W QCL, RGBW, 4°, 5.5 kg

Sales price: 449,82 €

Eurolite LED ML-56 COB UV 80W bk

80W COB UV (ultraviolet), 35°, 3,5kg (ALE kuni 30.09.2019)

Sales price: 247,26 €

Eurolite Black Gun UV-spot 400W

E-40/400W, 60°, 8,95kg

Sales price: 124,59 €

Eurolite LED Strobe COB PRO 16x10W

16*10W COB, white, 2,6kg

Sales price: 226,61 €

Eurolite LED Strobe COB PRO 8x20W

8*20W COB, white, 2,5kg

Sales price: 149,57 €