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Fog Machines

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Antari W-508

800W, 85m³/min, paak 0,8 liitrit, 4kg

Sales price: 180,05 €

Eurolite Dynamic Fog 700

700W, 230m³/min., paak 0,8l, DMX, 3,7kg

Sales price: 91,25 €

Eurolite Dynamic Fog 1200

1200W, 340m³/min., paak 2,3l, DMX, 7,3kg

Sales price: 186,89 €

Eurolite Dynamic Fog 2000

2000W, 566m³/min., paak 5l, DMX, 10,2kg

Sales price: 320,41 €

Eurolite NSF-250 LED DMX Hybrid Spray

1080W, paak 2,5l, 800m³/min., 70ml/min., 9*3W LED (RGB), ...

Sales price: 217,55 €

Eurolite NSF-350 LED Hybrid Spray

1580W, 1130m³/min., 600ml/min., 21*3W LED (RGB), 7,7kg

Sales price: 315,72 €

Antari Z-1500 MK2

1500W, 570 m³/min, paak 6l, DMX, 14kg

Sales price: 470,88 €

Antari Z-3000 MK2

3000W, 1130 m³/min., paak 6l, DMX, 20kg

Sales price: 586,37 €

Eurolite N-130 Tour Fogger

1350W, 510m³/min, paak 3,5l, DMX, 14,25kg

Sales price: 458,17 €

Eurolite NH-110 Tour Fazer

1100W, 170m³/min, 3,5l, DMX, 15,35kg

Sales price: 414,30 €

Antari HZ-350 Hazer

Kompressor, 2,8l, 21h/l, 68m³/min., rõhk: 2bar, DMX, 14,2kg

Sales price: 632,20 €

Antari HZ-400 Hazer

Kompressor, 2,5 , 16h/l, 100m³/min., DMX, 19kg

Sales price: 946,30 €